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Fundraising Options

  • 20% benefit sponsorship. On a selected day, PizzaMan Dan's donates 20% of their sales to the organization utilizing vouchers for the supporting families. Local schools participating have raised from $50 to $800 on their "Pizza Day".
  • Event sponsorship. At any event, PizzaMan Dan's provides pizza at ($11.00), which is resold at a profit to the organization. Many of the local teams have sold PizzaMan Dan's Pizza slices at the game from their concession booth and raised money for uniforms.
  • Team sports. Any team in uniform that schedules a party at PizzaMan Dan's receives 2 large pizzas free of charge. Good for Dine-in only. This can range from the Math Team to the Football Team.
  • Gift Certificate donation. PizzaMan Dan's can donate (2) Large Pizza gift certificate to fundraising events for use as raffle or door prize.
  • PizzaMan Dan's Catering Truck. Our specially designed catering truck is licensed by the Environmental Health Dept. We sell individual pizzas and drinks at the field, and donate 20% of the sales back to your organization.
  • PizzaMan Dan's sponsor’s the City of Oxnard Recreation Dept. PizzaMan Dan's Sportsmanship Program. All youth teams, parents, and coaches in the City of Oxnard are graded on Sportsmanship, and those receiving a 90% score or more are given a no-holds-barred pizza party at PizzaMan Dan's!
  • PizzaMan Dan's sponsors the American Cancer Society Relay for Life and the Oxnard Police Activities League (P.A.L.)

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Now Delivering Beer & Wine!
Now Delivering Beer & Wine!
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